Bounce Ball Sensory Toy – Bubble Gum Option

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The Bounce Ball Sensory Toy is specifically designed for babies aged 3 months and older. It is crafted to be easily gripped by their little hands, providing both enjoyment and functionality. The toy serves the dual purpose of training babies during teething and enhancing their sensory skills.

Cleaning the Bounce Ball is a simple process. You can wash it with warm water and use a mild, edible detergent for cleaning. Afterward, rinse it thoroughly with clean water and wipe it dry with a clean towel before using it again.

It's important to note that the Bounce Ball is made with 100% non-toxic silicone beads, which are FDA approved and food grade. Being handmade in the UAE by Lucky Baby, there may be slight variations in the appearance of the toy. Rest assured, these variations are part of the unique charm and craftsmanship of each individual toy.

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